• On-Bill Recovery/On-Bill Financing

    On-bill recovery or on-bill finance allows customers and financial institutions to use their electric bill as a means of repaying an energy-related loan. This type of program has many benefits to both customers and financial institutions.... [read more]
  • Place-Based Investments

    Investment in solar projects sited in low-income communities and developed in close collaboration with community organizations and residents can help meet community-specific needs, create employment opportunities, and build community wealth.... [read more]
  • Production Based Incentives

    Some of the primary drivers of renewable energy development across the country, including projects that benefit low-income customers, have been state renewable electricity standards (RES) or renewable portfolio standards (RPS). Solar projects benefit from an RPS or RES because the value of their renewable energy production is monetized in... [read more]
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy

    Property Assessed Clean Energy programs allow property owners to use municipal bonds to finance energy efficiency, solar and other qualifying green retrofits, and repay them through a special assessment on their property tax bill. ... [read more]
  • Rebates

    State and local rebate programs with specific focus or carve-outs for low-income participation, usually in the form of a higher rebate amount, have proven successful at expanding solar adoption in those communities.... [read more]