Workforce development is integral to California’s single- and multifamily solar programs. GRID Alternatives, the Program Administrator for SASH, reserves approximately 20 percent of all SASH installations for solar-installer job trainees, and recruits job training partners and individual trainees from the same communities that the SASH program aims to serve. For SASH projects installed by GRID Alternatives subcontractors through the SASH Sub-contractor Partnership Program, contracting companies commit to hiring at least one eligible job trainee. Many of those companies go on to hire the trainees to full-time positions. When SASH was extended in 2015, workforce development provisions were formerly incorporated into program rules. Under MASH, in order to be eligible for an incentive the contractor agrees to hire at least one student or graduate of a job training program for at least one full paid day (8 hours) of work for each 10 kilowatts (kW) of system size up to 50kW.