DHA’s Community Solar Project Keeps Housing Affordable

An affordable place to live is not something April Valdez takes for granted. A mother of four young children who also cares for an elderly mother and grandmother, her budget is always stretched to the limit. That’s one of the reasons she’s so excited about Denver Housing Authority’s (DHA) new community solar array. In 2017, … Continued

Solar Savings Reach Renters with LIWP Program

In Richmond, California, a city committed to providing economic opportunity and clean air for its residents, 98 families living in the Triangle Court affordable housing development have seen massive electricity bill reductions, thanks to the solar on their rooftops. Nonprofit GRID Alternatives partnered with the Richmond Housing Authority to install the solar, with project funding … Continued

Protected Place in the Sun

In Southern California, where solar installation is a thriving economic engine, the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians took advantage of a state low-income solar program to build a tribally owned solar company that will create opportunity for tribal members for years to come. In 2014, two individual Mesa Grande members had rooftop solar installed … Continued

Desert Sunshine

Pearl Verre is a retired senior living on a fixed income in Palm Desert, California, a region that regularly experiences summer temperatures in the 100s. Paying energy bills in the summertime was once a huge burden, but after she got solar installed on her home, her monthly electricity bills dropped to pennies. Mrs. Verre’s was … Continued

“Solar chose me”

Job opportunities on the Bishop Paiute Reservation are slim – aside from a small casino, there isn’t much industry in this tourist pass-through town on the eastern side of California’s southern Sierra Nevada mountains. Joseph Lent, like many tribal members, held odd jobs in the construction trade but struggled to find steady work. Then in … Continued