Criteria for Contributions

Do you have a policy tool or successful model that you want us to consider? We’ll gladly review and consider it for addition to the Guide. Contributions will be evaluated based on their inclusion of the following elements:

  • Adheres to the guiding principles, where applicable
  • Addresses one or more of the barriers to adoption
  • Specific focus on low-income or people of color
  • Ownership/participation in decision-making processes for low-income residents
  • Location in an area not typically seen as a hotbed for solar or renewable energy policy that could be good to elevate (i.e. – outside of CA, NY, MA, CO, MN, DC, MD)?
  • Living-wage job creation
  • Moves new funding or creates new mechanisms to fund solar projects
  • Utilizes funding in a different way that will create equity and opportunity
  • Resembles other state or local policies that we elevate, but should be referenced for purposes of replication
  • Demonstrates opportunities for scale

Impact stories will be reviewed for inclusion across these criteria:

  • Illustrates the impact of a policy or program on its intended beneficiaries
  • Illustrates the benefits of solar for an underserved population
  • Is unique in significant ways from other stories included in the Guide